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Happy New Year! 2017 - Triumphant : a girl, her granny, and a car

Hey sweet friends, 

It's been a while, huh? I must admit - the holidays got the better of me. But with a New Year, comes new invigoration - yeah, yeah, we should have it all year round. But I'd be lying to myself (and you) if I said that -wait for it- the NEWNESS that a new year brings doesn't inspire me to be more intentional, set new goals, and begin again with fresh vision... because it totally does! 

Last week in London, we happened to park our car right in front of an old Triumph. My Granny used to drive an old Triumph. Eithne was a lady that I didn't know very well before she passed away - but to me, there's always been something a little magical about her. On my adventure to Ireland, I stopped a distant relative in their tracks due to my uncanny resemblance to a young Granny. In some old photos from an album that gets passed between Irish relatives constantly, I saw it. The baby fat cheeks, the big smile. My Granny grew into a very proper, English lady - but I recognize in her a spirit about life that lives in me. I get the feeling that were we to have a conversation today, lady to (almost) lady, we'd see each other's souls in one another. I also get the feeling - scratch that- I can assure you, that she would shudder at the above emotional rambling! 

My granny, Eithne 

My granny, Eithne 

Anyway - enough blabbing. The name of the car struck me- triumph. My mind looked at my spirit and said, "there's your word for 2017 - triumphant." Triumphant; feeling or expressing jubilation after having won a victory or mastered a difficulty. What if I approach everything this year with a triumphant attitude? (Even the new difficulties life will undoubtedly bring.) What if I expect a win? I know the battle is already won. ->"in this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world."-John 16:33- what would my life look like if I LIVED like it? Well, I'll keep ya posted.

If I'm honest, I've got no clue what exactly 2017 holds for I ARISE. I've definitely got some ideas, dreams, and collaborations brewing, but how they'll all pan out remains to be seen - the best part about it will be the adventure - and no adventure would be complete without my trusty companions...you! 

So to begin the new year, I want to give a massive thank you for being along for the ride last year - Cheers to a TRIUMPHANT 2017 - the best is yet to come! 

Thanks for walking with me,